Most educated states – India, 2013

The level of education that an individual has attained, mostly dictates his social behaviour, nature, and personality.

So, let’s see which are the states in India that has most number of educated people, that is percentage of the number of people who have at least attained primary education.

#13. Manipur – 70.4%

It is noted that the state is significantly improving over the years

#12. Nagaland – 71.9%

Website for Nagaland University

Primary, elementary, and secondary education is taken care of by the state government. Children of 14 years and below are entitled to “free and compulsory education” in the state.

#11. West Bengal – 74.4%


Kolkata being a metropolitan city, it’s a shame that West Bengal has just reached number 11 in this list. Other than Delhi and West Bengal, both the other states with metro cities have featured among the top 10. It seems that people are over-complacent about importance of education here, but less complacent than those in Delhi. The new CM should start compulsory primary education here.

#9. Gujarat – 76.7%

Though one of the earliest-formed states of India, it keeps itself to one of the top 10.

#9. Uttarakhand – 76.7%

Uttarakhand Education Board, Roorkee. Photo Courtesy – Sarkari-Naukri

A comparatively new state, and with this much of literacy rate, it’s worth take note of.

#8. Tamil Nadu – 77.3%

A survey conducted by the Industry body Assocham ranks Tamil Nadu top among Indian states with about 100 percent Gross Enrollment Ratio (GER) in primary and upper primary education.

#7. Sikkim – 77.9%

Sikkim University Logo

There are a total of 1157 schools, together with 765 schools run by the State government, 7 central government schools and 385 private schools. Sikkim has many prominent educational institutes and it also runs a host of distance education programs in diverse fields. Sikkim is also known to be one of the fastest growing states in the country. Moreover, it is seen that with 38 percent of the population below the age of 15, the number of young people entering the workforce and looking for jobs in industry and services will increase in coming years. This is a healthy trend that shows that the state is fast moving from the status of ‘developing’ to ‘developed’.

#6. Maharashtra – 80.3%

The male and female literacy rate in the state is 89.82 percent and 75.48 percent respectively.

#5. Tripura – 81%

Tripura children

As per the Economic Review of Tripura 2010–11, Tripura has a total of 4,455 schools.

#4. Himachal Pradesh – 82.6%

Himachal Pradesh was under the direct control of the British colonial rule in the mid 19th century and therefore the standard of education provided in the state has reached to a considerably high level. The state has numerous highly reputed educational institutions for higher studies.

#3. Mizoram – 83.8%

Mizoram School students

Years ago, Mizoram was not in the map, and its inhabitants were all illiterate as they were confined to the limits of tribal village. But today, Mizoram has become the third most-literate State of India.

#2. Goa – 85.4%  

Portuguese Primary School, Goa

Apart from being one of the major tourist destinations, Goa also houses some of the best educational institutes of the nation. The scenario of education in Goa is comparatively better than many other states.  The quality of the state-run schools and low level of corruption has further added to the betterment of school education in Goa. The Goa University is the premier centre of higher studies in the state and the majority of the colleges are affiliated to it.

#1. Kerala – 96.9%

The local dynastic ancestors of modern-day Kerala along with Catholic and Christian missionaries made significant contributions to the progress on education in Kerala. Further, Catholic missionaries brought modern school education system in Kerala. The educational scenario in Kerala is much more advanced than other states. The State had practiced a liberal higher education policy from 1956 through mid eighties in terms of quantitative expansion and access to higher education.

Sources: NFHS-3, 2011 Census of India, Yahoo!
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  1. According to above statistics those states which are not fall under this category must have to adopt education system for improving their educational percentage of their society

  2. Bheemtal says:

    Good to see that uttarakhand has good rank in the matter of education. Thanks for sharing this data

  3. AMIT BHADURI says:


  4. RAJI says:

    well done tamil nadu .

  5. You are right best educated city kerla but best technical state UP for kanpur best IT College for india

  6. Next 3 year to top educated state for UP

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